Decobake meets The Caketress

lori decobake class

Hey everyone I’m finally getting some spare time to write this promised blog about my experience in Decobake Bachelors Walk, Dublin with the gorgeous Lori Hutchinson of The Caketress. To say I was a little star-struck would be an understatement. I’ve been following Lori on her Instagram account for a long time now and I finally got to meet her and work with her, learning some of her amazing skills and techniques was a dream come true.

sweet republic


The class itself was held in Decobake’s sister shop, Sweet Republic, you can check out their facebook page here. The shop is absolutely fab with amazing treats , such as waffles, icecreams, hot chocolates, sandwiches, etc. The food looks and tastes amazing. Luckily for me, on arrival I was treated to a hot chocolate, my favourite!! Just look at that photo, doesn’t the food look amazing?!?!?!?!?!!!

cakestress breakfast

We then were brought downstairs, where they had put on a little breakfast spread for us all. There was fresh croissants, scones, granola, yoghurt and strawberries, along with fresh juice and water. The food was fabulous and little did we know it was much needed fuel for the start of the day!

caketress 10

Lori then arrived into the room, bringing with her a great atmosphere and a friendly face, which I find very important in classes. It’s a great first impression that the teacher will be friendly and patient, but more importantly, that a fun experience lies ahead. To begin the class, Lori introduced herself and gave us some information on her background, where she was from, when and how she began cake decorating and where she has been teaching around the world. As I explained in my last blog, which you can read here, Lori’s first love was fashion, she dreamt of being a fashion designer but when it didn’t work out, she decided “why not bring fashion to cakes?!?!?”. And such a clever idea indeed, as she watched the catwalks and began to impress designs from huge fashion designers such as Chanel and D&G, Lori fast became a much sought after cake designer. She is loved worldwide, especially in Dubai, with their expensive taste for design and fashion, she is a huge hit!

We then introduced ourselves, giving a brief history on why, when and how we also became cake decorators and it was fun listening to everyone. some with similar stories such as myself, where we began cake decorating for our little ones birthday cakes, there was one girl in particular who was there to learn as she wanted to create and design her own wedding cake for next year (kudo’s to you), but which struck me the most was the one thing in each and every one of our stories was our love and passion for cake decorating. Everyone with the same love for cakes in the one room was fantastic to hear and see everyone at work.

To begin, we were given our supplies which are covered in the cost of the class. There was 3 dummy cakes also known as stryofoam cakes – in some classes we’ve used real edible cake but as this one was organised at last minute, and we were there to learn Lori’s decorating techniques, there wasn’t any point in using real cake! We were given a cake board, a pack of the IceWise Premium Sugarpaste in white, and we were given a box of food colourings to share among the class for everyone to choose what colour they wanted to use. For me, I decided to go with an Ivory colour from the Progel range made by Rainbow Dust Food Colours I did a blog post on them a few weeks ago on my thoughts of their food colouring range which you can read here. So we covered our dummies, placed them on the board and got them ready for the best part of the class – THE SEQUINS!!!

caketress cake created by jenscouturecakes

As agreed with Lori, we were all sworn to secrecy on how to create this stunning effect on  a cake, but we were encouraged by her to use it freely ourselves on our own future cake designs. This design stole my heart the moment I saw it and I cannot wait to use it on cakes in the future. I have  wedding cake coming up in February and I am so excited about it. After we created the sequins effect, we were then given the choice of food paint colour to use. As you can see here in my photo’s I chose the gold paint. This one is called Imperial Gold Dust and it is not edible, but the effect it gives is spectacular. When using on a cake, it is recommended to use it on a stryofoam tier so it can be removed from the cake and not eaten. It is pricey but well worth the splurge!! You can buy it here from Decobake online store or instore too at any of their branches. My local is Bachelor’s Walk, Dublin.


imperial gold dust

When we finished the painting, we were called for  lunch. The spread was amazing. We were given sandwiches, pizza, nachos, and of course some lovely treats from SweetRepublic. I’m hungry even looking at these pics again!! Ha Ha the plates were cleared!!!

caketress lunch

We went back downstairs then where we were then given wafer paper to create our floral design on our cake. What I loved about Lori, was that she encouraged us to do our own floral design and make it our own, so needless to say everyone did just that and the results were fab!! After some tutorials from Lori, we got on it and I created a huge flower for the front of mine. It was my second time using wafer paper to create flowers so I was still quite nervous but I enjoyed it. Little did I know, wafer paper comes in different grades so you are better off getting the thinnest one to create real looking flowers as you can get the petals very thin making it more realistic looking!! She then showed us how to create wafer paper leaves and how to wire them. Again we painted these with the gold imperial dust and needless to say, the cake was stunning when finished.

caketress wafer flower

All of the other cakers there created beautiful designs have a look at them below…

the caketress 3caketress 3

caketress 7


So if you’re interested in creating beautiful cakes and either becoming a cake decorator or advancing your skills, Decobake is the place to go!! This is the cake I left with, and I was absolutely chuffed that I had created such a beauty.

caketress cake made by jenscouturecakes


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