The Caketress!!!!!!!!

loris cakesFor those of you who call yourselves a true “caker”, you will know exactly who I am talking about, but for all my followers who don’t, Lori is known as The Caketress. Her name The Caketress comes from her background of fashion designing. She absolutely loves fashion and when things didn’t work out for her in the industry, she decided to create cakes reflecting the designs she wanted for clothes- Seamstress meets Cakes – The Caketress!!! Such a clever, inventive name for her and she has lived up to that name ever since.  With her love for the catwalk, Lori updates her designs to be on point with the latest fashion statements, keeping a close eye on designers such as Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino and Chanel to name a few. She can turn any dress design into a cake, adding specific detailing including sequins, studs and diamonds which she makes edible (how amazing is that?) and also feathers, ruffles and flowers!

Have a look at them below……………

lori dolce and gabanna

Dolce and Gabanna inspired cake by Lori Hutchinson

lori valentino

Valentino inspired cake by Lori Hutchinson

Look at those designs and the attention to detail, its absolutely mind blowing how she creates cakes that are perfect art, edible art, only how incredibly sinful would it be to cut them?!?!?!?!?!? I mean come on, if this cake was at the top of the table for my wedding, it would be treasured forever in a glass case and all my guests would of course be given slab cake to eat, who eats cake at weddings anyways?!?!?! Especially an Irish wedding, need I say anymore?


Lori is currently worldwide teaching cake decorating classes and has been primarily based in Dubai,where their love for extravagant, extraordinary enormous cakes is ever growing. Her cakes have been going down a treat over there. Have a look at some of the cakes below!

Lori’s website, which you can go and swoon over here is filled with couture, classy, chic designs fit for a princess.  I fell in love with cakes designed by her when I first spotted that there was a class on in Decobake Bachelors Walk, Dublin a good while back-it may be a year or even 2 years ago. I fell in love with her cakes straight away but as her classes fill up in minutes, I wasn’t lucky enough to nab myself a spot on her class, so low and behold a few weeks ago it was advertised again that Lori was coming, but again spots filled up and I missed out.

lori decobake class

To my surprise, they announced another date- a one day class with The Caketress herself and I rang immediately to pay for a place to work alongside this amazing cake decorator. I was absolutely thrilled that I managed to get to meet Lori, never mind getting the opportunity to work with her and learn some of her incredible techniques and of course, her signature design- CAKE SEQUINS!!!!!! I will be doing a blog post on my experience with Lori in Decobake over the next few days, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled!!!!

Have any of you met The Caketress or been so lucky to work alongside her?

Let me know in the comments below!

Jen ♥ xx

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