Decobake…………..A Caker’s paradise!!!!

In the “hearth” of Dublin’s fair city, there’s a beacon of light for all of us cakers. It’s colourful reflection shines throughout the city, beckoning bakers, cakers and decorators alike, where all who have a love for cake have one place they can go and feel a little “poolish” about their love for all things cake! Whether it’s to “scale” the shelves and grab what’s new, with no time to “simmer” over our choice of purchases, or “proof” to ourselves that we “knead” it, I don’t know of one person who doesn’t enjoy their “thyme” in there. Everytime I go into decobake, I feel a little fruity, mainly because of the immediate joy I feel when I walk in (it must be the colour scheme) and the overwhelming rush at the thoughts of discovering a new product to mix things up a bit in the kitchen!! As the shop alone gives you a feeling no sugar rush could, you literally cannot say no to anything in there. When I first began cake decorating, I googled and searched for cake suppliers in Dublin, and  Decobake Bachelors Walk, Dublin was my first find and boy am I glad I found these guys!!! Have any of you guys been to this store? If you haven’t, you literally don’t know what you’re missing out on!!!! Let me roll it out for you…….

decobake inside store

First of all let’s talk about their choice of design for the store. OMG look at those colours……. It’s so pretty and inviting, reminds me of what cakes are like – quirky and colourful, a real feel good factor!!  What do you think? For me, its like walking into a cakers paradise, where all my senses are out of sorts and without holding back, I dig a “well” in my purse and splurge like its Christmas, whether it be a new product that’s just arrived or seeing something new that I’ve never seen before instore. Shopping in Decobake is like feeding a fruit cake, (yes I am a bit fruity), I love spotting anything that can help me develop and mature as a cake decorator, to feel good about what I create and design.

The most recent purchase I made in here included a pack of Squires Kitchen Flower Paste, which you can buy here! I used this to create these Vintage Roses, which are 100% edible but 100% disgusting to eat lol.

Ivory-Cream-200g-squires-florist-paste1-400x400ellen sugar roses

I’m not gonna “crumb coat” it for you, everytime I go in, yes I spend an absolute fortune but i’m more than happy to do this because with my line of work, thank God he has put so many talented people on this earth and very creative ones who come up with new and improved products to make my cake decorating easier, less time consuming and of course and very importantly, give it a more aesthetic appeal. Cake decorating back in the day was quite limited because the equipment was limited, along with the products and ideas. Don’t get me wrong, a very classic looking wedding cake from cake decorators years ago are completely timeless. My great aunt was a magnificent cake decorator, EVERYTHING was royal iced, the only fondant they used was poured fondant, which is the beautiful glaze on the little Mr.Kipling fancies (yum), but obviously shes older now and feels her time is done in the kitchen!! Royal iced cakes took (and still do take) some amount of time, patience and talent, but that’s where the designs ended. To learn this beautiful classical look, Decobake regularly advertise a PME Royal Icing Class which runs over a couple of weeks. This class is on my to do list for definite, I just need to “mustard” up the courage to “rise” to the challenge. Back in the day, nobody heard of novelty cakes, or even newer now to the cake scene – gravity defying cakes, and with thanks to companies like Decobake, they have made cake decorating more achievable, universal and more accessible for us cakers. Have a look here at one of the Gravity Defyoing cakes I made in a class in Decobake, with the amazing couple of Pirikos Cake Design. I will be doing a full blog post on my experience with the cake decorating classes over the coming weeks!!! But the cake classes aren’t just for us experienced cakers, they have beginners classes too which is great if you fancy giving decorating a go.

skipping minion

Decobake have so many shops nationwide, including Athlone, Galway and Limerick, with each store stocking an array of supplies for us cakers, with the everyday essentials of cake tins (of course nobody can start out without these!) Here is a link to buy some of their PME round tins which range from 3″-14″, every caker needs these, also they come in square shape and there are random shaped tins on here too.


From fondant icing to food colours, including the Rainbow Dust Progel food colours, which I have already spoken about my love for in my previous blog on French Macaroons. You can read it HERE!!!!! They also stock edible glitters to modelling chocolate, cake boards to boxes, and everything else you can possibly imagine you would need starting off and also to constantly top yourself up.


My love affair with Decobake will last forever, and I keep going back obviously for stock, but also because they put on so many classes to learn lots of techniques, and also, not to mention how friendly the staff and managament are. The girls are so so friendly, more than happy to help with any queries or recommendations that you need, and also with getting you the stock they want. IF THEY DONT HAVE IT THEY WILL GET IT FOR YOU and for me that goes a long way, especially because you never know what requests you may get for cakes and to know that you can rely on them to help is priceless for me!!So if you are now like I was not so long ago starting out, why not call into the girls in Decobake and have a chat with them about which supplies you need. Fear not, we all start somewhere and this is the place I would recommend to anyone wanting to give cake decorating a go and looking for some guidance.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and let me know in the comments below if you have been to decobake or intend to after this post……………

Jen ♥ xx

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