So….? Fragrance Ireland launch


So………? I was asked to make the cupcakes for the launch of the new couture range of So Fragrances Ireland. As a 16 year old, So… was one of my main fragrances to wear- they were always a lovely sweet scent, very popular among my friends and most importantly within my pocket money budget!!! Have a look here on their Fb page So….? Frangrance Ireland to see their latest posts and updates.


For the launch of these fabulous new fragrances, they decided to name them after the four main fashion capitol cities in the world- So….? LONDON, So….? RIO, So….? PARIS and So….? NYC.

According to all the bloggers at the launch party, the new fragrances are true to their range name….couture!!


I was thrilled to be asked to make them for the launch by the lovely Emma O Farrell, who is a freelance events manager, blogger and the founder of the Irish Blogger Conference. You can follow Emma’s blog on the comments from the bloggers, the cupcakes went down a treat!!!! (forgive the pun!) I opted for a scrumptious chocolate base cupcake and some yummy Madagascan vanilla buttercream topping – let’s face it who doesn’t love chocolate, and vanilla is such a universal flavour, I thought I’d play it safe!!


There were lot’s of bloggers at the event, including the very famous Joanne Larby of @MakeUpFairy, and also @Kassiani_cheir (aka Just Kassi) whom I also provided cupcakes for. Kassi contacted me for the relaunch of her blog and I made some edible logo cupcakes for her launch too. You can check out Kassi’s blog here on


So…..? Back to the fragrance launch, I don’t know about you, but I am chuffed they decided to launch some new fragrances and products and cannot wait to try them!!!

Let me know what your thoughts are on the fabulous new couture range ,

Jen ♥ xx

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